A small pick will aid in removing the old seal To install: According to the tool manufacturer’s instructions, connect a remote starting switch to the starting circuit. Rotate the rotor slightly so the leading edge of the vane is centered in the vane switch state assembly. Check for any leaks and if found, repair the leaks before continuing. Bearing clearance must be within specified limits. Tag and disconnect all electrical wires attached to the upper manifold assembly. Camshaft specifications are sometimes modified by Ford after production.

1994 ford ranger repair manual

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The block would then have the cylinders bored and honed oversize or if using removable cylinder sleeves, new sleeves installed and the crankshaft would be cut undersize to provide new wearing surfaces and perfect clearances. If necessary, unbolt the chain guide attaching bolts Install the relay and mounting bolts. Start engine check for coolant, oil and exhaust leaks. The square panel type retains the housing cover by bolts or, on later models, bail clips. The camshaft retaining bolt has a drilled oil passage for timing chain assembly lubrication.

Ford Ranger Maintaince And Repair Manual

The processor substitutes a fixed value for the missing sensor signal. Camshaft specifications are sometimes modified by Ford after production.


1994 ford ranger repair manual

Start the engine and check for leaks. Automobile Ford Ranger Owner’s Manual pages. The starting system is comprised of the following components: Push the quick connect fittings onto the filter rwnger. Based on the information that is received and programmed into the PCM’s memory, the PCM generates output signals to control relays, actuators and solenoids.

A small magnet may help in removing the locks. The use of premium grades may actually cause driveability problems. Disconnect all of the 194 from the sensor.

For cast iron, a tapered threaded insert is installed along the length of the crack. If the tool is not on hand, go onto step 2. Run the engine at fast idle speed and check for coolant, fuel, vacuum and oil leaks.

Ford Ranger Service Repair Manual (All Models) | Free Download

Remove the dial indicator and install the camshaft drive belt cover. If you wish to obtain a replacement emissions label, most manufacturers make the labels available for purchase. When installing the new gasket, the flange faces the sensor and the words “panside” should face the oil pan.

Remove the fan shroud. If a flat bed tow truck is not available, tow the vehicle with the rear wheels lifted, front hubs unlocked 4WD models and the steering wheel locked in the straight ahead position using a clamping device designed for towing.


If the connecting rod is bent, it will unevenly wear the bearing and piston, as well as place greater stress on these components.

The fastener is then tightened the specified additional portion of a turn measured in degrees. On models with the rear locking differential, use only locking differential fluid Ford part No. Small parts such as the valves, springs, etc. Do not damage the sensing element or possible failure for the sensor may occur. It eliminates the conventional distributor by utilizing multiple ignition coils instead.

Ford Ranger Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

Check timing chain deflection for excessive wear. Label all of the electrical and vacuum connections on the intake manifold. Coat the threads with electrically conductive sealer and thread the unit into place. If a weak or swollen spot is noted when squeezing repaor hose wall, the hose should be replaced. Install the engine into the vehicle.

1994 ford ranger repair manual

The stiffer, heavier snow tires will noticeably change the turning and braking characteristics of the vehicle. Turn the ignition switch OFF.

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