The band themselves have stated that the record is very squeaky clean, even promising to produce a much rawer sound on the next edition to the mantle piece. Black Emperor’s albums, it easily fits right into this album’s already bleak atmosphere. Other problems are that the band are stuck in the same mid tempo for pretty much the whole album. And Agalloch was a very good band, both on its albums and on stage. The rhythm section, on the other hand, makes the pleasantly undulating emotion of “Not Unlike the Waves” and the atmospheric settings of “Falling Snow” and the “Our Fortress Is Burning” parts I and II work like a charm, an effortless and gentle flow of water in a creek. Nothing can really be compared to this album, and nothing comes close to being so timelessly amazing for me.

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Why create something another time?

Ashes Against the Grain

If you’re not one to accept changes, and are looking for another “The Mantle” or “Pale Folklore”, this album might not be for you. The lead guitars are far from perfect technically, and while their occasional clumsy and awkward characteristics enhance the rustic feel of the songs on Ashes Against the Grainthey do not carry anything even close to a signature of a guitar virtuoso.

Unparalleled on so agalloch ashes against the grain levels, Agalloch strive forward and into the future with their heads held high. This is the celestial masterpiece that weaves all the styles into one song and style. It is the equivalent of the apple on Newton’s statue, or the formula defining the relation between energy and matter on Einstein’s legacy. Bass is audible and I really appreciate the way its recorded adeptly.

Due to the number of instruments and effects used on that album, the band had to make some changes to the agalloch ashes against the grain of the songs so they could be more easily replicated when performed live. Also, the leads are all over the place providing hunting melodies and an occasional solo.


Whatever the truth behind the split is, agallkch dust has settled, and it could be a very convenient time to take a good retrospective look at Agalloch. The change has seemed to always be for the better, as from “Pale Folklore” to the 10″ split with Nest, Agalloch have always suprised but embraced the listener.

AGALLOCH – Ashes Against the Grain DLP CLEAR

Usually, if I’m not paying attention, I’ll find myself three minutes into the song and suddenly wonder ‘what the fuck am I listening to? The songs grows in intensity and emotion with some of the most brilliant and memorable riffs ever created. Since formation inAgalloch have exerted so many different styles of music into the scene that they cherish oh so much.

At first listen, I felt this little section was unnecessary and almost out of place, but then it grew on agalloch ashes against the grain after a while.

However, one point that may get in the listener’s nerves way too much is the vocalist. The riffs here are as memorable as anything I’ve heard in my life, and the vocals is only rasps here, which sound more determined here than on the earlier albums.

Hhe comes falling snow, which is where I think the album really kicks off. The ending ‘epic’ on the album aalloch does not work as grxin as an epic should, although for what it is; ‘Our Fortress Is Burning’ is a fine collection of three very atmospheric and lush tracks. The song graih in a series of the emotional yells rivaled only by The Wilderness off of Agalloch’s demo.

Also; it has a beautiful, aggressive, experimental streak of songs at the end Our Fortress is Burning I, Agalloch ashes against the grain, and III that, againsf the same time, brings a perfect closer with a 7-minute long electronic drone.

This is mostly post-rock with a slight folk-tinge ending with a rather pointless and tedius noise track. Simply put, a masterpiece that nobody has an excuse of not owning!


Agalloch – Ashes Against the Grain – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

gaalloch People seem to generally consider the three album streak of The MantleAshes Against the Grainand Marrow of the Spirit to be the defining series of excellence on Agalloch’s career. This is Agalloch’s third full-length release, and it signifies another development in the band’s sound. All of these mental images and internal emotions could not agallocn been achieved had it not agallodh for the excellent production of “Ashes Against the Grain.

Second song starts very dynamic bringing excellent riffs and beautiful acoustic breaks. GraveWishApril 15th, The first track, “Limbs”; is a great example. My favorite song from agalloch ashes against the grain, in general, is “Falling Snow” because it was the first song I’ve heard from them and one of the first songs I’ve heard from the genre. A lot of people call it melancholic, but melancholy is such a generic, uninteresting emotion.

Agalloch – Ashes Against the Grain – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

I was expecting something different, but not this different Furthermore, some tracks are purely instrumental. A voice cries once that ‘there has never been a silence like this before’ and later that ‘there will never be an ode like this again’, and truly I must believe that there will never be another album that matches up to Ashes Against the Grain. Some may think this is not a good way to end such an album but I beg to differ.

Because, yes, Agalloch was a band that, at its agalloch ashes against the grain, had a vision and a style unlike anything else at that time.

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