Customizable standard reports automatically generated? Customize performance table equations? You can work on your design using any view and the changes automatically propagate to all other views. Click here to register as an escapede. Step 6 Results are typically computed in minutes, and can be viewed and analyzed through a report-based post-processor. Images saved in report directory?

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Continuity and quality of the hub and shroud curves can be examined and curves created in two or more segments. A NACA profile generator is also available. Programmable command language for calculated output? Add new graphic objects? Laminar, turbulent zero-equation turbulence model? Results blafegen easily previewed, and once accepted, you can generate a report bladegen plus.

With this methodology, pump designers are now able to add treatments to the trailing edge. Sign up for our free newsletter I bladegen plus to the Terms and Privacy Statement. Delete existing graphic objects? ANSYS is the market leader in the provision of robust, ef? Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. IGES curves and surfaces, with or without periodic surfaces?


CFX BladeGen Plus – Error Message — CFD Online Discussion Forums

Company Name Turbomachinery Laboratory. Biennial Report of the State G. Kaltenbacher, CFX regional sales manager,robert. This, he said, permits early pre-selection of profiles and reduces the number of iterations needed to develop optimum blade bladegen plus. And, the Plus module uses a variety of data sources, including line drawings, IGES and generic data files.

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Turbomachinery Symposium: AEA Technology discusses CFX-BladeGenPlus

Data export CFX-BladeGen generates data in formats suitable for export and use in generalpurpose CAD, stress analysis and manufacturing software packages. Over major players in the industry bene? Add to bladegen plus Add to wish list. Designers can integrate the software into their design environment at three different levels: CFX-BladeGen import capabilities include: Customize performance table equations? The working environment is divided into three or four views depending on the mode that pllus down the blade pkus

Step 6 Results are typically computed in minutes, and can be viewed and analyzed through a report-based post-processor. Variable from LE to TE?


Turbomachinery Symposium: AEA Technology discusses CFX-BladeGenPlus

Coarser grids offer quicker solutions when information on trends is more important than accuracy. Export of typical drawing tables and views for documentation or full CAD models for manufacturing. Step 3 Next the? Drawing tables and views? Bladegen plus side and suction side?

Performance and summary tables? Inlet total pressure and total temperature? Axial, mixed or bladegen plus blades? All of the steps required for the CFD analysis — meshing, operation point and solver parameter selection, and results analysis — are highly automated, customized, and adapted to turbomachinery applications. For them, CFX-BladeGen is proving invaluable in both the design of new bladed components, and in the re-design of existing blade geometries to achieve new operational goals.

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