Image Unavailable Image not available for Color: Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch, It’s a fun game that relies more on gameplay and exploration than it does on flashy special effects, and it features a lengthy although linear quest that should satisfy even the most critical gamer. This loosely referenced Ganryu Island , the appointed location were the long-time rivals held their famous duel. Whether you want to hunt down criminals, take on zombies, help rescue the people of the kingdom, buy and collect figurines of the enemies you face, or just plain run around and slash everything to bits.

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: Brave Fencer Musashi: Unknown: Video Games

The voice acting is not too bad either definitely not brilliant or super good, but it passes and does its job. One person found this helpful. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

Only the case has superficial imperfections from old price stickers. The game received positive reviews from critics, with Metacritic giving it an 81 out of By holding down the block button, a gauge on the side of the screen begins to fill. The music is some of the consistently best Square has produced on any of its disc-generation games.

Shouldn’t take any experienced gamer over 20 hours to beat, which may reduce brave fencer musashi psx of the replayability, but I still find myself going back every so often mueashi play.


The first time I attempted to play this game, I gave up within a few minutes.

Graphically, it wasnt all that great even at its time and some areas could be very challenging for players if they did not come prepared. Archived from the original on August 19, Several times i found myself either continuing on when i didn’t want to, or just turning the game off without saving simply because I was not able to find a mueashi to be able to log my progress.

Brave Fencer Musashi

Musashi then searches for thieves from the Thirstquencher Empire and makes his way to the next gencer guardian. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Uploaded by Bobsteve Report. You may also like. Fusion has the ability to assimilate powers from enemies and Lumina has scroll abilities you must earn used for major damage, solving puzzles, and opening new paths! Skip to main content.

Brave Fencer Musashi [SLUS-00726]

People brace bought this also bought. After returning the Princess to Allucaneet Kingdom, Musashi takes Lumina to the place where he found it.

The strikethrough price is the List Price. You start with 2 swords that have VERY different strengths and abilities.

Fusion, which resembles a katanais used to chain rapid combo hits together and can also be used to absorb Bincho energy, which is a type of magical point system that controls how many spells a player can cast and how quickly, or absorb an enemies’ skill. Views Read Edit View history. See all 52 reviews. Musashi last week because it was one of the few games I remember from the PS1 era. PSN Greylynx rates this game: When the gauge is full, you’ll press the square button to throw Raikoumaru your short sword in the direction you’re facing.


Front Mission 3 Sony PlayStation 1, Later in the game brave fencer musashi psx will find different spell books. Tobias Hayes rates this game: Musashi is given the blade Fusion, and is charged with the task of obtaining Brave Fencer Musashi’s sword — Lumina, the Sword of Luminescence — before the Thirstquencher Army does.

Furthermore, it was Brave Frncer Musashi who entrusted the crests to the crest guardians to prevent The Dark Wizard’s seal within Lumina from being broken.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo Switch, Musashi then continues bave journey, finds brave fencer musashi psx Wind Scroll, and defeats its crest guardian in an ants’ nest. Sony PlayStation 1 Video Games.

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