It recommends that new offshore containers be approved, prototype tested and certified by duly authorized bodies. Therefore the impact speed should be greater if a lowering test is used. For chemical and mechanical properties of alloy steels, reference shall be made to prEN , Open die steel forgings for general engineering purposes — Part 2: When intermediate cargo decks are designed to support other than half the total payload, the design requirement shall be calculated accordingly. The manufacturer shall ensure the quality of the procedures and facilities used through operation of a quality assurance system at least in accordance with EN ISO

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If weathertightness is required, the vs shall be equipped with seals. Any such part extending to within mm of the bottom of the framework, shall be protected by beams or plating.

BS EN 海岸集装箱及其相关提升设备 第1部分:海岸集装箱 设计丶制造和标记 – MBA智库文档

Aluminium alloys used in offshore containers shall be made by rolling or extruding. Any external connections, e.

NOTE Local impacts, 12079. NOTE Appropriate provision should be made to ensure that there bs en 12079-1 no risk to the health and safety of the inspector 8. This does not preclude the free use, in the course of implementing the standard, of necessary details such as symbols, and size, type or grade designations.

Full text of “Safety British Standards”

Where character size is restricted by the available space they should be as large as practicable. Where fork pockets are intended only for handling of the empty container, the design load shall be taken as l,6T g. C Inspection certificate 3. Annex B informative Guidance on pre-trip inspections Immediately before transporting a container offshore, and before its return, the container should be inspected by a responsible person appointed by the user. NOTE 4 Cracks in welds and minor deformations bs en 12079-1 be repaired.


BS EN 12079-1:2006

See informative Annex for guidance. NOTE Not all container walls are corrugated. If a container has a roof, the container number shall be displayed on the roof, in characters mm high or more.

The internal load shall be taken as 2,5 R – T g evenly distributed over the container floor. On all other frame members in the sides the load may be considered as acting at right angles to the side. Aluminium alloys and tempers specified in Table 4 and 5 may be used. Visual bs en 12079-1 shall be performed as described in EN The purpose of these tests is to bs en 12079-1 the design, material and method of manufacture.

NOTE 2 Partial bottom openings may be allowed provided the openings are of such a size and located so that it is not possible for the fork tines to penetrate or seize in the opening, or to damage the free edges at the cut-out.

This document, together with EN Impact tests are required as part of the welding procedure tests. However, maximum concentrated stresses at the hole edges shall be below proof 21079-1, R cat design load.

ENApproval testing of welders — Fusion welding — Part 2: A tank and its support shall be able to withstand lifting and impact loads. Click e learn more. For tank containers, the actual distribution of the tare mass shall be used for the calculations. ENOffshore containers and associated lifting sets – Part 2: NOTE Ej thicknesses may have to be increased beyond these values to take account of special considerations such as rating, design, corrosion allowances, the need for impact tests of the material, etc.


NOTE Containers without a roof may have insufficient strength and stiffness to pass the 2 point lifting test 7. Your basket is empty. General principles ENNon-destructive examination of fusion welds — Visual examination ENNon-destructive examination of welds – Penetrant testing of welds bs en 12079-1 Acceptance levels ENNon-destructive examination of welds – Magnetic bs en 12079-1 examination of welds ENNon-destructive examination of welds – Magnetic particle testing of welds – Acceptance levels ENNon-destructive examination of welds – Radiographic examination of welded joints ENNon-destructive examination of welds – Ultrasonic examination of welded joints – Acceptance levels ENNon-destructive examination of welds – Ultrasonic examination of welded joints ENMetallic materials — Tensile testing — Part 1: A container selected for type testing shall dn representative of the production units and not a hand built pre-production development container.

Table 10 shall be used to determine the minimum number of containers to be bs en 12079-1 which shall include the container which was type tested. ENSpecification and approval of welding procedures for metallic materials — Part 3:

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