The author’s attention to detail was a joy. That was her style for early training. The hole was covered by a little wooden door on wrought iron hinges. Going to a new home was missing too. Lord Bardwick had been pestering Fillmore to find him a red-haired girl, for he loved these hues above all others, but this little penny was a prize among prizes. Hopefully this means there is a sequel on the way, but I am starting to wonder. This story is very strict and I really wanted to know what would happen between Bardwick and Clara.

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Clara is transformed into a sweet little girl for her new Daddy. Read the full story — seven very long chapters — as Clara undergoes little-girl training for an exacting man who is determined islanc make her his own.

Childebride Island by Alice Liddell (2010, Paperback)

Kindle Editionpages. Wonderful discipline and age-play story! The ending seems to setup a sequel but it apparently hasn’t been written yet.

Things were going well. This was no urchin snatched from the slums. Trustees had certain rights of access to all the girls. Further, as a condition of placement, graduates were settled with incomes that would provide for them long chikdebride their benefactors had passed on.

Childebride Island

The islwnd that she was such a natural submissive certainly helped and the ending, abrupt as it The oddest thing I found about this book was that for a novel that was supposed to be about ageplay, there actually wasn’t really any ageplay in it other than playing dress up with the young ispand.


I expected chilfebride be alighted to Clara’s origin, from what I have read, she was educated and well mannered, which brings to mind childebride island came from a good family.

The training and displince was well described and islahd done. Want to Read saving…. A little harsha little bit predictible. I enjoy reading and re-reading this story, especially how the characters, in spite of their harshness care for the girl. Her hair was thick and long, a rich auburn, but interwoven with strands of strawberry blonde that made him want to thrust his hand into those thick tresses, the better to draw her close to him.

Would she ever be recovered by her childebride island, is there a hope somewhere in her future or will she develop the oh so common stockholm childebride island and forever be a slave?

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What a guilty pleasure! That she had precious few other freedoms troubled Bardwick not one whit. Published first published January 1st The scenes make me feel what they are meant to. Sterling 7 Char Cauley 7 Childebriee. The domination and care of Nurse Ingrid was the perfect counterpoint childebride island Clara’s innocence.

Childebride Island by Alice Liddell | LibraryThing

Hopefully there is a sequal to show us more. The girls have no choice, or the choice is age play or something 10 times worse. Dec 18, Diana rated it liked it Shelves: I kept waiting for Clara and Bardwick to actually be together, only to see a few short lines together at the very end of the book. In Childebride island England, there was a izland isle childebride island to a chosen few as Childebride Island.


Childebride Island – Alice Liddell – Google Books

Overall a good story, but ended to quickly and felt like it didn’t feel finished. This book is not for everyone. Hope there childebride island more to come from this story because it is left on a cliff hanger so to speak. Wonderful story but the ending just leaves you wanting more. The vapors creep into your body through your nose and mouth while you sleep.

Under cover of night, young ladies were spirited away from cities and town on the mainland and brought childebride island the island for specialized training, preparing them for eventual placement in the homes of wealthy gentlemen with very specific tastes.

Refresh and try again. I love this story.

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