Infinity War, but loses when all the superheroes team up together to stop him. Don’t think there’s much chance for the more less known stuff like Red Earth. First of all, the vitality gauge of each computer-controlled opponent fought by the player during Quest mode is displayed across the bottom of the screen, and is much larger than the player’s own vitality gauge. Share with your Friends: I hope Capcom ever remembers this franchise.

cps3 warzard

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A powerful wizard with two dragons.

Red Earth / Warzard

The arcade scene was slowly dying around that time in my country, so I couldn’t tell you. Mar 16, 15, 1, Sep 2, 61, 14 Isla Nublar. It’s a warxard this game may never get a re-release on modern systems or PC.

cps3 warzard

For starters, share this page with your friends. It was an amazing cross between fighting game and RPG that hasnt been done again since and really deserves a re release or at least a re-imagining. TheSeks Blinded by the luminous glory that is David Bowie’s physical manifestation.


Jul 13, 10, 0 0 img1. It also helps you keep a better handle on super jumps, since your character is visible at all times, instead of disappearing into the air with an indicator arrow a la X-men vs.

Feb 14, 56, 0 I hope Capcom warzaard remembers this franchise.

Red Earth (US)

CPS3 units were very fragile and broke very easily. Dec 5, 51, 0 0. A supergun is pretty easy to set up. Neverd heard of it, the enemy design is extravagantly fantastic!

cps3 warzard

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. No approved descriptions in database. On a final side note: Warzard is drastically unlike most arcade 2D fighters, in warzrad there are only four playable characters, and eight unplayable boss characters.

Views Read Edit View history. Who on earth would name a country Greedia in the first place?

Red Earth / Warzard – Hardcore Gaming

I was anticipating Hauzer as a TxC giant fighter in the pre-release days. Especially one of those PS1 style fighting game home releases that have additional, more robust single player modes.


Street Fighter and the other Warzad games. Though I think it’s the cheapest CPS3 board. Uh no, the trailer only showed few characters. Kenji is the leader of an elite ninja squad, and carries a huge bazooka.

Mai-Ling is a powerful martial artist from Gora. Hauzer and Hydron were cool to play as cls3 CFJ Leo is the king of Greedia. Download Warzard JP 1. There are no descriptions available for Warzard JP in our database.

cps3 warzard

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