Links given above are oh so fake! Newer Post Older Post Home. Set it to the same one as in Step 4 in the Portforwarding page. Here you can find clean RAT’s Versions and more. Angry Birds Star Wars with Crack. The new version DarkComet v5. Either Download darkcomet rat Click here to get file.

darkcomet rat 5.1

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10 Nov Sound…

Click on “Don’t display this message on next Startup”. Thank you all of you to make my blog come far this milestone. Goto your email and activate the account.

Anonymous January 29, at You will need to crypt it first.

I hope It’ll be the same in the next year too!! Anonymous July 5, at Call Of Duty – 4: June 20, at 2: Open the IP address that fat up in a browser. Make money with Adf. Anonymous March 27, at 3: NO-IP has been successfully setup now. Internet Download Manager v6.


Unlike Cybergate it is updated often, and now with the update is better. This thread is not for solving your personal problems which may occur during your usage of DarkComet. The services provided by the DarkCoderSc were Today is Christmas right?

Fill the “Hostname” box and choose the ending from the other box. I think this is one of the most significant info for me.

Darkcomet Rat: Darckomet Rat

This window will come up: Enter a port no. Now close the “Settings” window and click on “Edit Server”.

darkcomet rat 5.1

Never run your server on yourself because it can kill your firewall and Fixcomet doesn’t always work. Also visit my page If you do run it then go through this tutorial.

Darkcoemt you can’t find it then browse through all tabs to find the option called “Port Forward”. You can test your server in your sandboxie or in a VM.

darkcomet rat 5.1

Thank you all for staying with me in the past era of time!! Figure DarkComet version binary showing encrypted configuration information. Fill the boxes with information such as application name not that importantlocal IP found in step 4start and end port these can be same if doing for one port.


Right click on your network and click “Properties”. Earkcomet wanna darkcomett you out guys so here is the link Click on “Select Hosts”. DarkComet is also considered as the most stable RAT around and it is even regarded more stable than some professional ones.

Malicious RAT software is typically installed without the victims knowledge, often as payload of a Trojan horseand will try to hide its operation from the victim and from security software.

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