DoTA application found an error and the game shuts down when “Telekenetic Blob” reaches mid-level. Download Map Dota Terbaru. Added safety measure to prevent Requiem bug. Nice work, AI team.. If you love this map, don’t forget to stop by and say thanks to SuperWaitSum: Diabolic Edict does not work.

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Download Map DotA 6. Diabolic Edict does not work. How can I play with it???


The SS of batrider dissapear after just 15 minutes please fix it and also everytime I used Lanaya and used dota 6.77 ai map it’s just weird that the AI used Skill even if they can’t see me. The heroes that no longer exist on the current DotA. He can now use Charge to escape. Anonymous March 9, at Good news is that, I already found the real file, after some searching all around.


Because it’s a game-ender as far as I’m concerned. SuperWaitSum remove the Christmas theme it’s already 2 month guys! If you didn’t have any girlfriend for today’s Valentine, maybe this map will give you some fun! Mirana’s imba arrow, Zeus’ Ulti.

download new map dota 6.78ai

And good news, Warkey 6. Now -am is -hehgdedg, while -xm is -nengdedg with increased dynamic bonuses. But fix shadow shamman when i used ss the mass serpent ward it attacks me instead i died while attacking fota.

Lion stun damage only Aleria shuckle shot not working if AI’s hp lower than half. Updated item builds of Tiny, Warlord, Invoker and Ursa.

Gege Dai February 6, at 2: With this build it would mqp very difficult for Pit Lord to die if the enemy doesn’t have damage auras. I dont experience bugs its fine with me. Bristleback’s first skill not working on enemy heroes. Fixed bugs in AI engage and engage-cancel system.

dota 6.73b ai map free download

Anonymous March 5, at 4: Most of the prices should be ok. Top Posts DotA 6. Snow should be melted right now and fix some fatal error crash.


Fixed Viscous Nasal Goo. Nice work, AI team.

Can I request if you can put heroes ddota Anime and Cartoons. Very fun and nostalgic map, too much bugs though. Anonymous May 10, at 7: Candy Sim June 14, at 9: Anonymous March 24, at 3: Still the bug persist for -apdm when re-picking another hero. Game hangs after being eqipped with Aghanim’s Scepter. Posted by Muhammad David Posted on

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