The exact command you need to use to set and export an environment variable depends on your shell and the variable that needs to be set depends on the run-time linker used on your Unix platform. And for those drivers that do not support the use of a schema, a NULL should be returned in those fields. Only your license request identifier and contact details as they are displayed in the main License Manager screen are sent to Easysoft. Choose On-line Request if your machine is connected to the internet and can make outgoing connections to port If unixODBC is already installed, the installation script can use your existing unixODBC , but you should bare in mind the following possible complications of doing this:. Failed to locate host machine. Unless you specified the installation directory at step 14 to be within the temporary directory, then you can safely remove the temporary directory and all its contents.

easysoft odbc-interbase driver

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How do I upgrade my Easysoft license on Windows? Include or exclude schema information from metadata information for applications which would use the schema names in SQL where they will not be accepted.

Is it possible to obtain a second trial license? Easysoft provided excellent support and advice on the launch of our new data infrastructure. However, in versions of InterBase prior to version 6, this column would have been stored in a double precision field, which cannot supply a fixed precision value, so the metadata for this version contains a column length only 8 in the case of a double precision fieldrather than the precision value.


Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver User Guide – Configuration

Returns the default column type from the SQLColumns statement. For more information about the licensing procedure refer to the Licensing Guide. In cases where the detection fails for instance with partially upgraded databases the drivwr may be manually configured. Why do I get error “Data source name not found and no default driver specified”? The License Manager displays a summary of the information you entered and allows you to choose the method of applying for your license.

The database name passed to the InterBase Connect function.

easysoft odbc-interbase driver

The installation script will create a directory called easysoft under the directory you specify here, into which all Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver files will be placed. It also contains a versioned directory to ensure that any shared components already installed ewsysoft other Easysoft products are only overwritten if those included in this distribution are newer.

Conforms to the ODBC 3. Note that this attribute must contain a valid user name for the InterBase server database.

InterBase ODBC Driver

The script runs odbcinstthe command for installing data sources under unixODBC. Causes the database connection to use a different default isolation method drivdr transactions. Can be configured to: Other trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on easysoft. If the installation locates a program which can display the license e. The E-Mail Address MUST be the same as the odbc-inrerbase used to register and download from the easysoft web site or you will be unable to obtain trial licenses.

Once the installation is complete, you will have a example data source that can be modified to connect to your own InterBase databases. The database string contains only the location of the InterBase database.


Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver Knowledge Base Articles

Thank you so much for your continuous support. If you have an internet connection you should select 1, Automatic.

easysoft odbc-interbase driver

To avoid rebooting your computer, the Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver installer prompts you when files that it needs to update are in use by another application or service. There are copies of the license agreement file provided in the archive.

easysoft odbc-interbase driver

If your chosen directory does not exist, you will be asked whether or not the script should create it. Notify the dynamic linker that the shared objects are no longer available.

Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver

In the Licensing page, enter your machine number and authorization code for rasysoft licenseclick Submit and your license key will be emailed to you. Refer to the section relevant to your platform to eastsoft I just wanted to let you know about the exemplary service I received from one of your support staff yesterday. If you are no longer using unixODBC then you can also remove the reference:.

General – Solaris Why do I get error “libodbc. The license text can be found in the file license.

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