If you are a fervent themer, you might have come across this theme once in your lifetime. Nevertheless, Anemone is automatically installed once you jailbreak your iPhone using the Electra jailbreak tool for the first time. It supports more than a hundred icons so that it does not feel as if you are dangling between modern iOS and the older nostalgic one. Although, if you know; you can skip to the list by clicking the button below. Taha Broach 9 months ago.

equix iphone 4s theme

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However, applying that theme could be a iphpne tricky for beginners. Once you installed a replacement software, the iPhone themes available at ThemeIt, Cydia or iThemeSky, will be just a ‘finger-tap’ away for you; and theming is just one of the several perks that these replacement software have to offer.

As of this post, it is used as a placebo featured image so that none of the themes featured fheme would kill the suspense if set as a featured image.

equix iphone 4s theme

How to transfer music from a computer to an iPhone using iTunes. Internet Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting. If you are fine with that, you can just go ahead and customize your iPhone by resorting to various themes available on replacement software like the Cydia.


Well, with this theme, you can get that look. Learn how your comment data is processed. Although, the theme emerges best on the springboard if you use a tweak to clean up your status bar. It has a mesmerizing set of gradient-filled icons.

Best iOS 11.3.1- 11.4 Cydia jailbreak themes- 2 [Updated]

The Waterfall Model Explained. A look at iphond list of 20 iPhone themes which can give your iPhone that much desired look, will tell you exactly what we are talking about.

Most of us are familiar with themes which are available on Cydia, also referred to as the ‘WinterBoard themes’ as you need the WinterBoard app to activate them, that are stored in Cydia Theme Center.

Mojito is just as impressive and fluid as the real beverage. Taha Broach 9 months ago. These are the best themes you can install on the Electra jailbreak. Advantages of Rapid Application Development. With thousands of themes to choose from, you will hardly face any difficulty when it comes to Apple iPhone customization.

modi5: equiX DB iPhone 4 Theme

How to Set Up a Wireless Bridge. The white border makes the icons appear in an apple-pie order. And the legacy still continues!

This is because ArkLotif, the original developer was facing some difficulties working with the usual palette. Jailbreaking is no more considered unethical in the United States; which means your only concern, if you do intend to opt for it, would be the fact that it will void the warranty of the product.


It always needs a little bit of tweaking to outlive being eloquent. How to organize your life better using technology?

equix iphone 4s theme

A lot of you guys requested for a second part. Some might be compatible to the 3GS model, but the experience will not be at par with that of the new models.

A year and three months later!

I hope you enjoy these themes as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you. But, little tweaks here and there make it different. And the exclusive facet of this theme is the extra amount of depth supplemented to the icons. Who Invented the iPod. Well, it seems palpable.

equix iphone 4s theme

It pretty frustrating because I really want to change the theme on my phone. Only problem with Echo is that notification badges look dislocated.

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