This page was last modified on 25 October , at Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Most of those got lost when the former server suddenly quit all the way back in December Each aircraft has a directory that contains a few text, 3D model and image files organized in several subdirectories. The FlightGear livery database hosts liveries and paintkits for FlightGear aircraft , as contributed by users and developers.

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Retrieved from ” http: Also consider that the aircraft will more likely get higher quality liveries and more liveries if your paintkit is of high quality. Use the forums search function to find any already existing topics.

FlightGear livery database – FlightGear wiki

You can also download templates for liveries, called paintkitsthere for a few aircraft, but usually paintkits are included with the aircraft. Liveriees livery XML file usually is named as the livery file, except for the file type extension, and in its simplest form it can look something flightgear liveries this:.

When you are done you can save luveries version in the right size. Retrieved from ” http: Views Read View source View history. Make sure you have a lot of good reference images flightgear liveries the aircraft livery you want to make. If you cannot find one, make a new one flightgear liveries the liveries development subforum with the name of the aircraft somewhere in the topic’s title.

There are in general two ways to edit the livery: Only liveries that flighhgear, fly or are certain to fly in the near future are accepted, adding to the realism of the whole simulation. If you don’t have experience with a vector editor there’s a bit of a learning curve, but after you have passed it a vector editor can be more rewarding, as you can more easily adjust, scale and rotate elements in the livery such as warning labels, stripes and cabin windows.


FlightGear livery database

While flightgear liveries are working on the livery it is a good idea to load it liveres a 3D viewer, turning the model around and comparing it to your reference images at regular intervals. Larger image size will result in more detail being shown, but also a slower running FlightGear.

As always it is a good idea to look at the existing XML files of the aircraft you want to make additional liveries for. Many aircraft has additional properties flightgear liveries are set up in a similar way. Views Read View source View history. To do a good livery based on a real aircraft you simply have to have reference images to flightgeat at while making the livery.

FlightGear Liveries | Airlines

In that structure is one or more liveries and one or more text files, XML files, describing it’s use. By editing a livery you can give an aircraft a new paint job, a new livery. This howto is intended to be a help guiding potential livery artists as well as the more experienced ones needing a refresher. At that time there was no standard in how to name liveries, not much support in how to create liveries and no place to submit liveries and share them with other users.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Discuss! Make sure you also have images from flightgear liveries angle. When editing the livery, have the template in one or more layer, adding the elements flightgear liveries your livery in other layers.


Also the simplest way to make a new one is to copy and modify an existing file and save it under a new name. See Terms of use for details. Navigation menu Personal flightgear liveries Create account Log in.

Please view the media description page for details about the license of specific media files.

Howto:Edit a livery

It is usually a good idea to have aircraft model and airline, possibly also years it was used in the file flightgear liveries.

The livery XML file sets up a few properties used by the aircraft when changing the livery. As we were able to save the list of liveries, they ended up in the database eventough the files got lost.

A livery consists of one or more textures, wrapped around the 3D model representing the aircraft, together with an XML file needed for FlightGear to know which texture s to use.

Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. If you are working with raster files, remember to use a two or four times larger size, while working on the livery, in case you later on flightgear liveries a livery in a larger size. Needs no path if in flightgear liveries same directory as the XML.

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