The dialog shown in the left panel of Fig 4. The default shape is the ellipse, which is what we want, so select Next. The Create Load window is displayed. The crack front mesh template shown in Fig 3. Sketch a rectangle When the Sketch Window appears, create a rectangle with dimensions:

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Elliptical-crack dimensions Figure 4. Remove applied displacements and save file Once the analysis has finished, you should verify that the deformation and stress are franc3d v6. All boundary conditions should be transferred and we must check the Apply franc3d v6 face tractions box, Fig 4. Compute Stress Intensity Factors We will now compute the stress intensity factors for this crack. Surface and Volume Meshing of Local Model after the Crack Insertion The program begins the process of inserting the flaw into the original model and then meshes the resulting cracked model.

Menu and dialog box button selections are indicated by bold text, such as File. Apply Crack Face Traction Once the crack is inserted, we apply crack face tractions following the steps in Section 4. In the Module list located under the toolbar Fig 2.


Click Continue 36 Figure 3. Note that you can choose to Save to file and add flaw; this saves the flaw to a.

Set mesh type From the Module list, select Mesh. The Material should be the material created in Step 5 e. If desired, copy the local. Note that the purpose of Steps 1.

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Remove applied displacements and save file The purpose of this tutorial is to illustrate: Click on Add franc3d v6 the dialog box shown in Fig 4. Create local orphan mesh This option allows the user to write the files and then edit them or transfer the files to a different computer before running ABAQUS. Define y-constraints on the bottom surface and then define x-constraint for the edge shown as franc3d v6 red line in Fig 4.

Right click on the orphan model and select Copy Model and name the new model global. We will ignore the fact that we already analyzed and propagated the initial crack franc3d v6 now and proceed with setting up the automatic crack growth analysis.

You should use the M-integral, but you can check that the Displacement Correlation results are similar. In the Create Boundary Condition pop-up window enter: Edit local orphan mesh Repeat the previous two steps for the local model with the exception of deleting exactly the opposite of what was deleted in the global model.


Typically a user will use one folder per model so the working directory will be the same for both programs. Edit Base Extrusion dialog.

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A new model is created in the Model Tree at the left. We set the value of n to 2 for the quasi-static crack growth and then select Next. Window regions and dialog franc3d v6, fields and labels will be underlined.

This should continue for the specified 5 steps.

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You can view the three stress intensity factor SIF modes and export the data. Specify Crack Front Template Extract SIF history; and 8. Select Next to display the second panel.

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