Terms of service Privacy Policy. Even if we were to find a willing buyer, can we trust any government to sell Nigeria and fairly share the. Why Nigerian record labels don’t last. Davido and General Pype are trying to fool us with the ‘Gbagbe Oshi’ controversy. I hope Victorious Man gets you to do something special this week. The number of people watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of your action. If we had our way, more of us would choose the front of the bus, the back of the church and the center of attention.

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Remember me Forgot your password. As our Yoruba kindred will say, the child that is not well taught will eventually sell off everything in the house. Nigerian songwriter, ‘Password’ drops debut single ‘Amaghimo’. First Day, Big Change.

Please use sharing tools. It is filled with upbeat and self-motivating lyrics. The rationale, metrics and principles on which each issue was judged is known to all. Before entertainment programming became a round-the-clock phenomenon – you can get content on Read more Read more on MARDlife. Quick Note… Do you have any comment or suggestion for us? Every civilization, tribe and nation knows that it will win some wars and lose some.


How will Victoriouss react?

General Pype – Victorious Man + Stand Attention

When successive governments have failed in educating its populace, the laughable suddenly seems feasible. Until I got the biggest rock on the shelf.

I hope Victorious Man gets you to do something special this week. They came one night Booted the whole house awake And dragged Danladi out, Then off to a lengthy absence.

Is this the breakthrough that Tony needs? After all, you only get married. A time when men were open general pype victorious man judgement and did judge each other honestly. The finest gown, the chicest shoes, the glamest bag, what else could a bride ask for? You may unsubscribe at any time. Be magnanimous in victory, and graceful in defeat is one of the most underrated sayings in the history of mankind.

In the early s, M.

General Pype – Victorious Man – Listen on Deezer

From dropping the chorus on M. Why Nigerian record labels don’t last. Meanwhile, I have always wondered. Nigerian Trekkers Union Fellow countrymen, we at the National Trekkers Union have decided to bring some things to public knowledge, so you all can be aware of why we take our next line of action. Posted on June 14at To one general pype victorious man this churches, he wrote that because they have been faithful in the face of massive opposition, adversities and temptations, he was setting an open door before them that no man can shut.


You cannot achieve the impossible without attempting the absurd. Proudly powered by GIG Entertainment. Bucking the trend of the Davido Effect.

Beauty was nonpartisan, always truthful, unbiased, respected geneal built on common values. Before entertainment programming became a round-the-clock phenomenon – you can get content on. Despite how funny that sounds, a ridiculous amount of people are actually buying more into the idea daily.

Del-B gives us a very melodious instrumental, and the horn sessions does make it even more distinctly pleasant.

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