The full version costs money, but Microsoft has a licensing agreement with Developer Express Inc. SubMain has recently acquired GhostDoc. You should try out what they’ve created for you. Version v adds contemporary frameless web help documentation themes. GhostDoc is working just fine, so I guess there is no need to be updated unless some new features will be added. With a click of a button, Regulator will show which of your sample strings match your expression.

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If it doesn’t do something you need, then just mail me – I don’t turn down any reasonable feature requests and usually try to implement them as soon as I can. VS10x Code Map v2 not only lets you move through files faster, the icons it uses provides a summary of what kind of members make up your class. This tool allows you to enter regular expressions into one of its windows and sample strings into another you even get some IntelliSense-like support when entering your regular ghotdoc.

NET developers do their jobs better. Enterprise Licensing Server option Option to enable in-house product activation. Configurable rules, acronyms and macros. Adios to Winter Bash You can also use the map to expand or collapse blocks in your code; ghostdoc vs 2008 you expand or collapse blocks in your code, the map also ghoostdoc or collapses. Fhostdoc that, you can ghostdoc vs 2008 the Metric window from the View Other Windows menu and click Analyze Solution to get your stats whenever you want.


I looked at both standalone ghosgdoc — which can be of value no matter what version of Visual Studio you use — and Visual Studio add-ins, which integrate directly into the IDE UI. We look at the best free Visual Studio and.

Must have VS Free Plug-ins (2): Ghost-Doc Stefano Ricciardi

Fundamentally, this add-in brings to Source View features that developers take for granted in the code window. It might be what you are looking for, at least it is open source. ghoxtdoc

If you have ReSharper you could always give StyleCop for ReSharper a try yhostdoc it has some of the documentation features of GhostDoc but also a myriad of other QuickFixes and formatting options based on the StyleCop ruleset.

That may not strike you as being as important as some of the other tools in this article. Why don’t you want to use GhostDoc? Like many people, I couldn’t live without ghostdlc GhostDoc ghostdoc vs 2008. Once you click on the drop-down arrow, you get a floating button that opens the visualizer’s dialog.

Effectively, you couldn’t upgrade just a few developers in a ghostdoc vs 2008 or team to the ghostdoc vs 2008 version of Visual Studio because, as soon as the “upgraded” developers opened a project, they locked out everyone who hadn’t upgraded. November 26, Changelog: NET Insight Sign up for our newsletter. Alternatively, if you want source code for something very basic in this direction that will get you started, you could take a look here. Note that words are recognized successfully only if you use the recommended Camel and Pascal casing appropriately which you ought to be doing anyway because you follow to the naming conventions.


But code metrics can help you understand where the soft spots are in your code by providing another perspective on your code. Both of these are available at phvis. Fiddler ghostdkc also a working example of why everyone should take a UI design course.

Must have VS 2008 Free Plug-ins (2): Ghost-Doc

Produce help documentation in multiple formats See your comments as they appear in the help file. You should try out what they’ve created for you. This is why I sifted through dozens of tools and utilities to come up with a list ghoostdoc free tools that can help. Commercial License For companies and organizations.

Isn’t my suggestion StyleCop vz ReSharper what you wanted? Unlike Firebug, Fiddler runs independently of any browser. To go to a location, just click on the ghostdoc vs 2008 when you see the code you want. Spell Checker Spell Checker checks spelling in strings and comments in your code and ghostdoc vs 2008 that isn’t part of an element in HTML files. It provides dozens and dozens of features to make ghostroc more productive see Figure 2.

For complete edition comparison see this page. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

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