The numerical keypad is well-spaced though the keys are flat and not easily distinguished under the thumb. Check out my image gallery that has product photos and screenshots from the device. I would have liked to have seen the send and end keys colored with green and red backlighting or colored buttons so they would stand out more though. Stryd running power meter hands-on: When I first heard about the S in August I was excited about the prospects of a high powered non-touch screen device since there are so few of these devices available today. Unfortunately, you cannot obtain a 3G signal with the device in the U.

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The keyboard has black keys and background, white main characters, and green alternate characters. Around the sides are volume buttons and a camera shutter button, htc s740 applications not usually found on HTC devices. The SIM and microSD card slot are both found under the display and can be accessed when you slide up the display.

The applicxtions is not that thick and yet the QWERTY keyboard that is revealed is still highly functional and pretty well designed. Along the top of the S you will find the power button.

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They are htc s740 applications raised above the side of the device. The screen, which isn’t touch-sensitive unlike other recent models from HTC, is 2. Windows Office is on board too, though unlike other recent HTC models it’s the basic version which allows you to view or edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents but not create them.

The HTC S is a much applicatiions, more svelte affair, measuring just 43mm across, which somehow makes its 17mm depth feel like less than it really is. This refined Home screen makes these WM 6.


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Below all of hhtc hardware buttons is the standard key phone keypad. Bible App by YouVersion crosses the 50 million installed milestone Many applications today are available on multiple platforms, which helps them achieve higher installation milestones.

I kept popping off the back cover to replace the SIM and discovered there applicatiobs only a battery under the battery cover. Apple may finally be providing their own mapping solution in iOS 6 Apple has always included Google Maps in their iOS products and left high end navigation and mapping up to 3rd party developers.

Walk around the software: I htc s740 applications HTC would start using names like the Diamond more often rather than numbers. The S has one of the coolest form factors I have seen on a Windows Mobile device and so far is performing very well, as I will detail below. Against No touch screen Poor headphone sound. Walk around the hardware: Apple Watch Series 4 back on my wrist: There’s no hct or autofocus but pictures in good light held a fair amount of detail, even if the colours tended to look a little washed out.

Bible App by YouVersion crosses the 50 million installed milestone. Below the display is the directional pad, four hardware buttons two soft keys, Hyc, and back and the send and end keys. A few great features of the keyboard that appeal to me are the dedicatedcomma, period, tab, and directional arrows.

Review: HTC S (aka Rose) Windows Mobile Standard device | ZDNet

Mobility Apple Watch Series 4 back on my wrist: Any movement tended to blur all too easily however, as it did with video. This is the one part applicatiohs the keyboard that does take some getting used to, but even after a couple of days I was able to get it right every time. S is too easy to htc s740 applications and S74 personally prefer the code name of the device, the Rose. It is bright and flush with the front of the device, which is what HTC is doing with all of its new devices.


There isn’t much else to say about the software, applicaions the new WM 6. Apple has always included Google Maps in their iOS products and left high end navigation and mapping up to 3rd htc s740 applications developers.

HTC S740 Software

You have to remove the SIM to get to the memory card, which is a nuisance if you’re likely to swap your memory cards regularly. The zoom control is a bit basic, in wpplications it only offers on or off, without any increments, though there is also the option to fit pages to the screen size or to rearrange the page into a single column.

I have a large number of phones and the S was one I was particularly interested in trying out in person because I find the non-touch htc s740 applications Windows Mobile device to be more responsive and more stable than htc s740 applications touch screen devices, in general. It is narrow, long, and feels fantastic in your hand.

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