Kaka Clan Created from Jubei’s genes. Black Hole fundamentally functions as a reset tool, typically to guarantee a kill combo and end the round. Unblockable distortion drive Summons a black hole portal about half a screen away from Kokonoe or the edge of the screen if that is closer. Despite not having much range, it can be a good combo starter as Kokonoe can still get the same oki from her B starters with 5A just for a little less damage. When you’re in the corner or end a combo in the corner, 5C is a great ground combo ender because you can special cancel into either Banishing Ray or Flame Cage for oki. Continuum Shift – Part 1.

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A has a faster startup, a wide hitbox and is multi-hitting, making it for air to air battles and jump ins in some situations as well as making it fairly easy to hitconfirm into a full combo. Mostly just used for combos.

Has full invul but is not safe on block at point blank and cannot be rapid-canceled. Kokonoe is a slim, pale cat-type half-beastkin. Crime of Greed is typically used at the end of a combo to end a round because of how easy it is to combo into, as well as the good minimum damage it’ll add to the combo.

Jin Kisaragi Adopted, later adopted by the Kisaragis. Sometimes a good air to air normal. As a starter, Black Hole has a bonus proration property that increases the damage dealt of all following moves in the combo. Mercury Biography Gallery Gameplay Quotes. Continuum Shift non-playable BlazBlue: Also, she’s a Mad Scientist.


Note that projectile invulnerable moves can negate blackhole entirely if done correctly Nine omni dash for example. Primarily used as a means of controlling space, as it forces the opponent away from the Graviton at a high speed.

Kokonoe Voice – BlazBlue franchise | Behind The Voice Actors

Damage is dealt to the opponent upon impact with the floor, and this damage cannot kill the opponent they are left with 1HP when it should kill. Otherwise, Banishing Rays will still activate regardless if Kokonoe blocks an attack, making it very good for punishing opponents while you’re blocking Like with Flame Cage, you can only use one Banishing Rays at a time whether the A or B version was used doesn’t matter. Kokonoe will always start out the round with 9 Gravitons in stock and they will replenish themselves whenever there isn’t a active Graviton out on the field.

Souichiro Unomaru Biography Gallery. Great air to air normal Kokonoe’s j. Now THIS, is a good use of meter right here. Currently, she has made a pact with Kagura to further expand her resources.

Hinata Himezuru Biography Gallery. Causes the opponent to spin on hit Fatal Counters on Counter Hit Jump Cancellable on hit Mostly used in specific grounded combo routes. kooonoe


Mei Amanohokosaka Biography Gallery. Lotte Carmine Biography Gallery. Wall Bounces the opponent midscreen Wall Splats the opponent in the corner Despite being a bat, this will NOT hit projectiles back at the opponent Mostly good for extending a few particular combos to squeeze out a bit more damage when you’re in a tight situation and need to try and kill the opponent quickly.


If Kokonoe lands this as an air to air move or if she’s close enough to the ground, she can link j. And despite the chip and barrier it does to your opponent’s guard, it’s ill advised to use it in blockstrings as barrier blocking will push you a good deal away from the opponent. If Kokonoe doesn’t have any Gravitons left in reserve, then she cannot use her Drive moves until she gets back at least one Graviton.

After salvaging Hakumen, she secretly assigned Tager kokonow keep a watchful eye on Hakumen’s actions. Her hair is bright pink and tied into two pigtails with a yellow ribbon, while two parts of her kokomoe form large “ears” over her chubby, pink cat-like ears.

Or you can jump cancel and do a falling j.

Due to this sweet tooth, Kokonoe collects various types of sweets from around the world in her spare time. Her own ability in Ars Magus is so great that she created a sealing mechanism that not only kept Hakumen bound, but gave Rachel difficulty in undoing. Leads to a full combo on hit because of the amount of hitstun it has.

Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. The jacket is open at Kokonoe’s midriff, showing her navel and the top of a black thong. Gravitons are used to mess with your opponent’s spacing when koionoe try to approach you, forcing them to try to keep themselves in which will result in more openings for Kokonoe to capitalize on.

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