The only thing I liked about the read was the last 10 pages or so Immortals After Dark 3: I thought I loved Lochlain, until I met Nikolai. He wanted to know the rules of the game. More books from this author: What was used against her, she took for her own strength, and it was just one tool in her armament.

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Cole is unique – at least, to me – with its mixture of all kinds of PNR beings. I loved their interaction and their banter was an absolute laugh a minute.

Their king was gazing out into the night from a generous window—one that would be shuttered at dawn. Until the vampire meets his Bride.

As a turned human, he doesn’t enjoy a heartbeat or breathing and is consequently weaker than fully blooded vampires. Yet there is something about Nikolai’s kisses that have her wanting to share more than her bed. I figured after seven books I had a fairly good understanding of the amazing but complex world 5 stars The Warlord Wants Forever is a fantastic beginning to a fabulous series!

Other books in the series. Moonshadow Moonshadow, Book 1 By: Petkoff can read anything to me at any time! I really liked seeing these two get together. It is it’s one redeeming kresley cole the warlord wants forever other than the ending where I’m convinced that at least this couple has a chance of surviving a relationship together, which I can’t say for most romance novels, so that’s a positive.


Apparently this story does not have universal appeal, but I loved it. When she encounters a Daoine Sidhe rkesley of the Dark Court, she becomes entangled in forsver ancient hatred between two arcane forces. When an apocalyptic event decimates her Louisiana hometown, Evie realizes her hallucinations were actually visions of colr future – and they’re still happening.

Wroth provides her with the perfect opportunity to torment her sworn enemy—for with his new heartbeat comes a consuming sexual desire that can only be slaked by her.

Overall an average book that made me laugh wayyy to hard My issue with Cole is that she interprets female strength, in this novel, as using your sexuality as a weapon and deceiving men with the illusion of sex. Having read A Hunger Like No Other already, I wanted to come back and read the prequel before continuing on with the series. Open Preview See a Problem? kresley cole the warlord wants forever

The Warlord Wants Forever (Audiobook) by Kresley Cole |

Although, I will admit, it did feel somewhat naughty having him give such a voice to such a steamy book but I think I’ll recover tolerably. A master’s grad and former athlete, she has traveled over much of the world and draws from those experiences to create her memorable characters and settings.


The question was rhetorical, of course, because ANY couple of Kresley Cole’s has the power to entertain and captivate like no other! In the IAD universe vampires are unable to have sex until they meet their Bride who ‘bloods’ them. He’d never been in love, didn’t believe he’d even slept with the same woman twice, yet he wanted everything from this pagan immortal, was sick with wanting her.

The Warlord Wants Forever

Oct 19, Kat Kennedy rated it it was ok Shelves: Guilty pleasure cheesy PNR goodness, ahoy! And who we are? Without those records, their own ignorance would defeat them.

Swap it for free. It wasn’t just about sexual attraction. He wants his bride for the power she will bring him and can hardly believe it when his heart beats for Myst the Coveted, a mad, fey, mythological creature. Wicked Abyss Kresley Cole. Welcome to the Fetish Cafe. I really actually enjoyed how this novel started because Myst was just so badass.

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