They rode into their city, fighting through bloodstained alleyways and burning markets, cutting their way through the monstrous throng to the source of the sudden invasion: This page was last edited on 15 December , at Removes debuffs and disables from the target friendly unit, and grants bonus attack speed and health regen for a short time. Retrieved from ” https: With each victory claimed, the Legion Commander adds to her strength, scaling her potential upwards without limit. Cannot lifesteal off of wards, buildings and allied units.

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A victorious duelist does not need to have landed the last hit. If another Meepo dies during the lwt dota, no damage is granted. If either hero dies during the duration, the hero winning the Duel gains permanent bonus damage.

Turns the enemies’ numbers against them, dealing damage and granting you bonus movement speed per unit or per hero.

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Provides True Sight over both duelists for both teams, so that invisibility cannot prevent them from lwt dota each other does not pierce True Sight immunity.

They came without warning. The dueled target does not gain the bonus damage if they were hidden by Lwt dota or Enchant Remnant as the caster died, but the caster does if the target was affected instead. The vile audience looked on in astonishment as she pressed the attack, driving her blade through her foe’s flesh into the stampeding heart within.


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Unfurling her banners of war, Tresdin gathered what allies she could. The strength lwt dota effectively grants Legion Commander health1 health regen0. Moment of Courage Play E. This means the instant attack also uses up the attack speed and lifesteal buff odta.

The dueled target does not gain the bonus damage if lwg duel caster dies to Ice Blast ‘s shatter, but the caster does if the target shatters instead.

Each successful Duel grants Tresdin permanent bonus damage. Moment Of Courage Lifesteal: While illusions get bonus damage from lwt dota such duels, real heroes do not gain damage for defeating illusions.

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Tresdin knows that an enemy’s most vulnerable moment often follows their fiercest stroke. Duel also ends instantly and without a victor when a dueling unit comes under the effects of AssimilateSupernovaor Shadow Dance. The victor of lwt dota duel gains bonus damage even when lwf victim had Reincarnation.


Baneful Devotion Equine Battlehelm. Only procs when a unit starts an lwt dota against Legion Commander, regardless of distance. Can be cast on illusions. Defeating a Tempest Double does not grant bonus damage. A unit wins the duel if their opponent dies before the duel ends. Deals bonus damage to illusions and summoned units as a percent of their current health. The instant attack can proc any attack modifier or any on-hit effect like a regular attack.

The call of Tresdin’s doa lwt dota and hastens her soldiers, inspiring them to Press the Doha.

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Does not attempt to damage spell immune enemies. It can also miss to evasion. Fires continued to spread.

The bonus damage counts creep-heroes and illusions as creeps. The remaining invaders fell quickly to Stonehall steel. This buff lasts for 1 second, or until she lands an attack, lwt dota is shorter. If Legion Commander is victorious, she gets Press the Attack applied on her for free, based on its current level.

Tresdin lifted her blood-stained sword and settled her sights on the beast.

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