Usually the only place to get a detailed basemap are the national mapping agencies. The SP20 when enabled for the best accuracy is a fully-featured multi-frequency, multi-constellation receiver. Click the top left blue button and select Open. The result will be within 0. Depending on the accuracy option that is installed on the receiver, the accuracy may be dithered about the true location: The RTK reported horizontal position will be reliable to 1-meter.

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The result will be undithered, full RTK accuracy. When processing finishes, the application automatically shows the corrected features. Here you mobilemapper office find a folder with your name, containing the shapefiles you edited in the field, e.

Thanks for pointing out the broken link, I fixed mobilemapperr.

MobileMapper Software for GIS & Mapping

Any one with ideas where i can get the maps. The following steps assume XP. While it is mobilemapper office to push Base corrections to a internet server a cellular connection will always be required for SP20 Mobilemapper office use. Because the mobilemappsr is built-in to the SP20, when fully enabled for the highest accuracy the SP20 competes well with traditional GNSS survey instruments at a better price-point. The result will be within 0. This is the data that will actually be processed.


Email required Address never made public. For consecutive measurements 1 hour 30 minutes the 2-D CEP 1-sigma is 2 cm with an absolute range of 0. It is saved in the same folder as the job file. It also offers the ability to export collected data to a KML mobilemapper office, providing a way to plot and immediately verify position mobilemapepr against a GoogleTM Earth background map.

The new software suite provides a new graphical interface, common to Field and Office, and it includes all the features and options previously available in Mobile Mapping and MobileMapper 6 Mobilemapper office software. This loads the map into the display as it was on the MobileMapper device.

Cancel and close it for now. Don’t miss the latest developments: In any case I still like the Magellan device for its relative simplicity and consider it good for semi-professional and occasional use. How to remove or dissable it? The direct interface enables automatic input of distance and bearing to a distant object to easily collect offsets.

Over this same testing mobilemapper office a total range of 1.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Record raw data for post-processing option on, mobilemapper office. Put the SD card back into the Magellan. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Please contact Thales Navigation for the latest product information. This creates two files for each reference station seletced.


MobileMapper Office

The raw data file is loaded and listed in the bottom table. Baseline is the distance from the receiver to the source of corrections. The amount of extra raw data will advantageously be used in MobileMapper Office to secure the post-processing of your features. Depending on the accuracy option that is installed on the receiver, the mobilemapper office may be dithered about the true location: A possible disadvantage of RTX is the convergence time probably about 20 minutes ; this is the time from when the receiver starts getting Mobilemapper office corrections offide the stated accuracy if achived.

It is saved in the same. In part 2 of the MobileMapper instructions we collected data in the field. If this software is not installed on your PC, install it now:. All other product and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of mobilemapper office respective holders.

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