Thank you for the reply and for not being rude about it! This song is absolutely huge, one of the most energetic songs on Monstercat to date! No one is going to downvote you for an opinion if you go about it in a righteous way while also respecting others opinions too. Vicetone – Elements EP. Monstercat Instinct Volume 2 is out now! The first drop went somewhat slow but good but the second drop was just magnificent, it had a DnB style to it, nice and fast paced. To be honest, I don’t like the first drop.

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Even the dnb drop just wasn’t that impressive to me. All discussion about this release goes below.

The production quality is absolutely top-notch, but the drops felt a bit noisestorm heist imo. Whoops, I’m tired, I’m leaving it because I find it funny. Second half of the first drop was amazing!

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Trap – Noisestorm – Heist – Monstercat – Roblox

I hope he continues his reign of Breakbeat tunes and maybe more Noisestorm heist. Do not post videos using imitations of the Monstercat visualizer. Why did people downvote TheTruckWashChannel’s comment? Misleading usernames will be banned from the subreddit.


It’s people like you who keep this subreddit sane ahaha.

More by Noisestorm

To be honest, I don’t like the first drop. Noisestorm heist leaks to forthcoming Monstercat music. I think this song should be longer. Simple as fuck, phat as fuck. The first drop doesn’t match the initial build up IMO. This is to prevent confusion with official Monstercat releases. Very good song, i expected something like Rogue trap, but you keep surprising me!


However, fan art is very much encouraged here. The second drop however is pretty good. The new noisestorm heist for breaks is maroon!

They can only survive on Ramen for so long. This is a subreddit for the Monstercat community. I apologize for this wall of text.

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The Rules Submissions are not limited to Monstercat music or news. I had a family. Noisestorm heist that if it nojsestorm add meaningful contribution to the discussion, they’re validated to downvote, so be careful what you actually comment. I think it’s good, but I had much higher expectations from Noisestorm.


Bye bye, keep going on with music, you’re my favourite!

Slumberjack – Sarawak EP? Summer Was Fun -? Noisestorm heist relatively new as I noisestorm heist much despise most subreddits except for handy ones like this that actually give information and good conversations. Holy damn, first a staight up fire drop and then a DnB drop followed noisesstorm some breaks Unauthorized previews, official artworks, COTW rips, download links, release dates, and mentions of track titles will be removed, and you may be temporarily banned.

I noisestoem breaks but he’s done it enough now imo to take a break. Any minor announcements, such as “working on new music”, unconfirmed collabs, announcements of announcements, any anniversaries of minor releases or anniversaries of non-Monstercat releases, and song milestones below 10 million views will be removed at moderator discretion.

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