Chhatrpati Shivaji Maharaj the great Engineer part 2 by prof. Every Hindu should be grateful to him for that. Shivaji’s army excelled in this type of terrain, which made the Adilshahi army’s cannons , muskets , elephants , horses and camels ineffective. He could never secure full control over the Maratha state. Women of the Hindu Right in India.

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At the end ofSalher fort was taken by the Mughals after bribing the Killedar Asoji with a mansab. Chhatrpati Shivaji Maharaj the great Engineer part 2 by prof. After every torture, Aurangzeb would ask him if he had had enough and wanted to convert — but the courageous king kept refusing. Aurangzeb, now the Mughal emperor, sent his maternal uncle Shaista Khan, with an army numbering over 1, along with a In the middle of the yeareven though Aurangazeb succeeded in taking Surapur, Shirval and Supe, Sambhaji continued to hold all the important forts like Rohida, Purandar, Shrivardhan, Rajmachi, Sinhagad, Rajgad and Raigad.

He was a scholar of Sanskrit language. Sambhaji lost his mother Sai bai at the age of 2.


Therefore Hambirrao did not support his own sister and sided instead with Sambhaji. The detailed information about Sambhaji Maharaj is as follows:. Babasaheb deshmukh powada on afzal khanacha vadh brings out the bravery of Shivaji Maharaj while killing Afzal Khan. His forces marched to Par, a village lying one mile south of Pratapgad.

He, therefore, sent out emissaries to Shivaji Maharaj, to lure him down the fort and negotiate peace. Eight of his soldiers could not get it out lack of manoeuvrable space was one of the causes. Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency.

Herein lies the real success of the genius of Shivaji. Enjoy the story right from poaada birth in Junnar Afzal Khan died 10 November was a 17th-century general who served the Adil Shahi dynasty of Bijapur in present-day India, and fought against Shivaji. Views Read Edit View history. Such behavior was unprecedented for the Bijapuri forces, and deshmuhk the local deshmukhs revenue collectors.

Retrieved 3 June On occasion of Chhatrapati He single handedly fought sambhaji maharaj powada by babasaheb deshmukh the massive army of Aurangzeb for 9 years. Sambhaji and Kavi Kalash were brutally tortured for over a fortnight.

Balasaheb Thackeray’s Songs Audio Jukebox. Vilas Dabekar 9 months ago.


Sambhaji Raje- Powada Santosh Kale 5 years ago. According to the Maratha chronicles, Krishnaji hinted that Afzal Khan harbored mischief.

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Majha devacha nav gajtay- new chatrapati shivaji maharaj song swapnil injal 6 months ago. He then stabbed Khan with his bichawaand ran out of the tent towards his men. Sambhaji refused, and instead sang the praises of Mahadev Lord Shiva. He was extremely handsome and possessed immense bravery.

He died inat Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

At the start of the meeting Afzal Khan graciously embraced Shivaji as per custom. Chatrapati shivaji maharaj jaynti Sachin Pathare 1 years ago.

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Shivaji set up tents with a richly decorated canopy at the place, but also placed his soldiers in ambush at various intervals on the path leading to the meeting place. Fromthe Mughal posted their thanedar at Wai. Ramsej was also won by treachery in

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