Thank you for your patience. Appreciatively though, Gowda didn’t fabricated a “Disney” ending; nor did she turn it into a total Shakespearean tragedy, either. Yet Secret Daughter is uneven. Kavita makes the heartwrenching decision to take her and drop her off at an adoption agency. Her husband Jasu is a poor farmer. Around the Year i I unfortunately found every character two-dimensional and unrealistic

secret daughter shilpi somaya gowda

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Such a beautiful story!! She’s ambitious, privileged and married to charming Krishnan, whom she met in medical school. Oct 11, Angela Haygood rated it it was amazing. Will making ends meet be enough?


It is a decision that will haunt Kavita somyaa the rest of her life, and cause a ripple effect that travels across the world and back again. The following are facts from the book, not a review!

secret daughter shilpi somaya gowda

This book really pulled me in. Denn Asha und Krishnan sieht man ihre Herkunft bzw. Although the overall feel of the book was that the women were frequently the stronger characters, the men also played a vital role but their characters had less chance shil;i speak. And why, when I pose these questions to my adopted mother, does she respond so vehemently defensive, vague, and obtuse; as if wounded and rejected, herself.

Review: Secret Daughter, by Shilpi Somaya Gowda – The Globe and Mail

Do you ever find a book unavoidable? Mother India does not love all her children equally. Somer initially finds it difficult to bond with her new infant; Kavita comes to appreciate her husband despite his flaws; Kavita’s husband eventually regrets and examines his zealousness to get rid of his infant daughter. For read alikes, try these: What exactly drives us to be who we are?


But for the most part, the story was told in a way that seemed almost rushed as it spanned two decades. Indian widows wear white to their husband’s funeral and seceet is a tradition to wear white for the rest of their lives.

Review: Secret Daughter, by Shilpi Somaya Gowda

Initially, there was little opportunity to become engaged with the characters as the time jumps meant that almost every time you read their ne Not a bad book but, at one point, when changing the POV yet again, it felt like it was lurching along, perhaps because somayz story jumped back and forth across the world combined with some large jumps in time.

Families forced to move.

This was a rich deep story of family This is a wonderful story that describes the conflicting feelings of adopted children and the fears of the adoptive parents. She is born the 2nd daughter of Kavita, an Indian woman daugther lost her 1st daughter immediately after birth to infanticide. Official June Discussion: The journey that Kavita and Jasu make to Bombay, to search for their hope of a better life, was an eye opener, and the wealthy family that Krishnan comes from was also interesting, with the matriach, Dadima holding everything together.


The story dxughter told from the perspectives of three major characters: Also addressed is the Indian caste system. Secret Daughter – Buddy Read 13 6 May 15, Secret Daughter is one such example, where the heartaches of motherhood are matched by an adopted daughter’s yearning to find her true family. Book club read 5 April 1 I think there were two books in this novel, 1 an adoption story of contrasts and family and 2 an adoption story of finding identity and wholeness.

Videos About This Book. Mar 08, Sue rated it really liked it Shelves: First we meet Kavita, a young woman in a rural India who gives birth to a girl. The most enjoyable parts and well written parts are those set in India which also focus on Kavita and later Asha her daughter who returns and discovers her roots and family.

secret daughter shilpi somaya gowda

Once again I find myself in the minority regarding a book that is a best seller and has remained so for some time.

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