The following list contains the files that are needed for a successful install. The default keyboard layout mentioned above doesn’t help much when using an English keyboard, however, since we are used to phonetic equivalent. I do wish to get some feedback from you about this site. Indic languages should be part of that list. Then, you can add the Gujarati keyboard layout, whether it’s the default one supplied with Windows or my Gujarati Phonetic keyboard layout. This dialog box may look different from the one in the screenshot.

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Lastly, type the following command in the Command Prompt to expand the font file.

Free gujarati indic font download for XP (Windows)

Nirmal UI is a Unicode font just like Shruti. All keyboards should be installed in Vista and 7; we just need to add Gujarati to our input languages. Which version of Windows are you using?

One can read Gujarati Unicode text since it’s preinstalled but to type Gujarati requires installing Gujarati language support.

The only last step is to learn how the keys are mapped in the default layout or my Gujarati Phonetic keyboard layoutand perhaps learn a few rules.

After adding the keyboards you selected, you should see them in the previous windows. It contains the English characters and Gujarati characters.


Its keyboard mapping can be found here: If you have already installed the Gujarati Phonetic keyboard layout, it will show in the list here. Copy this file to your c: Hence, when you select Shruti in Microsoft Word, you will get English if you have not changed the keyboard layout to Gujarati. When you change the keyboard layout to Gujarati, the keyboard mapping changes to Gujarati codes instead of English codes. Click on Add button. Once wineows learn how to use the language bar, it’s not so pesky anymore, is it?

Installation of Gujarati Language Support in Windows

When docked in the taskbar, the language bar shows the language code for the language wwindows selected: I’ve included the default “Gujarati” keyboard and my “Gujarati Phonetic” keyboard. Each language can have several keyboard layouts. Default Gujarati Keyboard Layout.

You will get a dialog box that will say you’re about to install some languages and will require 10 MB of disk space.

Gujarati indic input for windows XP

The default keyboard layout is called Gujarati. You can toggle between the languages by clicking on the language bar buttons also. Next, open Command Prompt and change the directory to where you saved the file.

Clicking on the keyboard icon shows the keyboards for that language. If it does xl, follow the instructions below to install it gujaratj and then come back to this step. In order to use my customized Gujarati Phonetic keyboard layout covered earlier or even the default keyboard layout, you must add Gujarati as one of the input languages. If you do not have the original XP installation CD, you might be able to grab these files from another computer.


Once you choose your keyboard layouts, they will be listed in the previous Window. Unicode fonts run scripts in the background while you type and make appropriate substitutions.

How to Install Gujarati Language Support in Windows – Gujarati Typing

When there are multiple keyboards selected by the user, a keyboard icon will show next to the language code. Then, you can add the Gujarati keyboard layout, whether it’s the default one supplied with Windows or my Gujarati Phonetic keyboard layout. You can choose to keep the default keyboard and add my Gujarati Phonetic keyboard layout as well.

However, you will not be able to type with it until you install Gujarati language support in Windows. I hope you learned something new here. This dialog box may look different from shryti one in the screenshot.

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