Another strong point are the superb lyrics! On the whole this tends to work out reasonably well, but it does damage the overall pace and in at least one instance kills a song stone dead. There are just a couple memorable melodies “Fear the Fear” has one , and only a few worthwhile hooks like the title track. That sounds funny but I think that this description fits quite well. The vocals are generally clean, with occasional growls. I’d say it’s Turisas’ least-good album, but that still means it’s awesome and worth your time.

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Stand Up and Fight. After the absolutely glorious debut “Battle Metal”, they have released one album before Stand Up and Fight. A lot of times, the dark and epic sounds remind me of the early “Pinball” games for my computer that played in haunted mansions.

Turisas – Stand Up And Fight Lyrics

Stand up and fight turisas the orchestrations overrule the heavier passages. While much of the success and accolades they have achieved in their career so far in relative terms, of course has no doubt been in part due to their ridiculous costumes and infectious live performances arriving at the right time for the community developing an infatuation for that sort of thing there has always been a nothing less than a deadly, straight-faced serious approach to their theatrical music that defies the scorn it would otherwise be easy to pour on them.

In general, the songs are much more universal turisqs deal with topics that can be placed just as tightly into the modern world as in the 11th century Byzantine Empire. In other words, they do a great job with it, and I enjoy it almost as much as the content of the core album.


In the end, there are many ways to describe and categorize this record. Great song but, alongside Fear the Fear, one of the two slightly flawed tracks here.

TURISAS | Stand up and fight – Nuclear Blast

That doesn’t mean that this isn’t a great album and probably even the best and at least most interesting in the band’s career but I feel that this step has been a little bit too radical and that they could have kept some of their straighter roots as this new release is sometimes too overwhelming. The sky turned grey The path once so clear Faded away Blessed are the days when life is intent and clear.

But while this shift in approach was well telegraphed, there are other new or expanded influences in the mix fjght, which meet varying success and ultimately play a big part in shaping the CD as a whole.

Please click here if you are not redirected stand up and fight turisas a few seconds. Listen to this album as if you would listen to a new band and don’t expect this record to be very “metal”. We’ve taken big steps with releases in the past, and this time is no different. As for me, I prefer some meat with my cheese. However, once you get past these tracks the record sort of smooths out in style, while still keeping the progressive voice that was established previously.

Following a Viking’s quest of escaping from the emperor’s service to return to his homeland, it stanr a variety of ingenious elements. When I was introduced to Turisas a few years ago, my first thoughts ahd “holy crap, this is epic, but it has the potential to be stand up and fight turisas much more”.


However, how does a band ever follow up a record that is easily in my top 20 records of the s and almost made my Top 15? Mathias Nygard Lyrics Terms of Use. And finally, a wistful outro.

You gotta check out. We’re here to be one step ahead and give them something they didn’t know they wanted. This song is very much representative for the entire album. Turisas leaves no doubts of what is their aim on Stand Up and Fight: Figth still trying to figure out what, exactly, is fitht appeal. While the first record was a collection of fantastic tracks, The Varangian Way was a flow-blown concept record of the best kind.

But you know what?

Turisas – Stand Up and Fight – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Blast it and prepare to hail. Write your own review. But “Take the Day!

A recommended album to play during for your battle plan writing pleasures, one that will ensure your eventual victory. For me, however, Battle Metal has always paled in comparison with the follow up record The Varangian Way which was released in As much as I like this album, nothing on it really surprised me.

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