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Massive Stargate developed by the Ori , spanning three to four hundred meters across. Now, SG-1 had the opportunity to use the Supergate on their own terms. This device could be used on the Priors to make them realize that the Ori were not gods and that they were being deceived, and once enlightened, they would stop their murderous campaign. Either scenario didn’t bode well for the Milky Way. The energy build-up caused Carter’s boots to lose their magnetic lock and she began to drift in space. Ori activate their warships. The Ori’s next step was to send unmanned objects with no internal space through the still-active Stargate of the planet.

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The Free Jaffa found the first completed Supergate formed with approximately 90 large segments and appearing to be larger than the Supergate built at Kallana near the location of the planet P3Y, which had been collapsed into a micro-singularity just spuergate Kallana had been. SG-1 and SG-5 went to P3X to set up gravity sensors and other equipment to determine if the Ori were actually building a Supergate nearby.

Camelot – A second Supergate is discovered in the Milky Way, and it is not long before it opens to admit four bloodthirsty Ori ships into the galaxy. Retrieved from ” https: The SGC was urged by a Goa’uld named Nerus to use the most powerful weapon they could muster against the force field during one of its expansions when it appeared to weaken. When they saw the Stargate forming, the team realized that the black hole was formed to provide power to the massive “Supergate”.

After Daniel completed Merlin’s anti-ascended weapon supergats Sangreal with the aid of Merlin himself who was inhabiting Danielhe requested that the wormhole be disconnected so that he could send the weapon to the Ori’s home sfargate, accessible only through that particular Supergate. The wormhole from the Ori’s home galaxy stayed open for over two days, and the force field continued to expand.


Using the cloak that Merlin installed in the Odysseythey went through the Supergate into the Ori’s home galaxy to search for the Ark of Truth at the superfate where the Altera had lived all those millions of years ago. O’Neill beamed the team back onto the Odyssey before the warship with the Sangreal onboard went through the Supergate, but none of them knew for sure if the weapon, which was on a five-minute countdown to detonation, had actually worked at eliminating the Ori.

To make matters worse, the Orici soon thereafter announced that dozens of warships were being built and would shortly arrive through the now-available Supergate, making it highly likely that the Ori would have control of the galaxy in the matter of months. SG-1 arrive on P3X to observe nearby black hole.

If they were, then Adria had just taken up all of their power unto herself.

Tomin is persuaded to join SG-1 after the Prior is killed. The Prior stood before an active Stargate and began watching over the force field that began growing in a bubble over him, the Stargate, and the DHD. Kvasir beamed Carter, in a spacesuit, out to the segment of the Supergate that housed the control crystal. Reports from several planets visited by Priors indicated that a “Day of Reckoning” was approaching.

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Ori activate their warships. Now, SG-1 had the opportunity to use the Supergate on their own terms. Jack O’Neill and his team that Merlin had protected him from Adria’s influence and that he was being truthful. Mitchell armed the bomb and gave the Prior another chance.

Carter could only watch helplessly from her lonely vantage point as four Ori warships came through the Supergate and quickly decimated the allied fleets of Earth, the Asgard, the Free Jaffa, and the Lucian Alliance. Tomin and Daniel discussed Daniel’s visions, and Tomin helped identify the actual place that Daniel was seeing.


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The only known defense against the Supergate is to break the chain of connecting segments, causing a power surge that prevents the completion of the device. Because the energy field was expanding, the SGC and Free Jaffa thought that the Ori were going to gather an army under its protection. Daniel, as a Xupergate, dials the Supergate from the control chair on the bridge of an Ori warship. Only Earth’s Odyssey survived the battle.

Super Stargate

The Supergate was developed for the specific purpose of establishing permanent footholds in distant locations in the universe, permitting one-way passage of enormous Ori warships. Rodney McKay to double-check her calculations, as well as to consider new approaches if her original plan failed.

These objects were approximately 10 meters long, barely wide enough to go through the Stargate, and began to gather in an area beyond the planet. The Odyssey couldn’t obtain a transporter lock on her dupergate of stxrgate interference of the Supergate’s power.

After withdrawing from the area, the Prometheus detected that the segments had begun joining to form a massive Stargate, measuring approximately meters across — large enough to permit ships through. Privacy policy About StargateWiki Disclaimers. This place, as it happened to be, was in the Ori’s galaxy. Universe Home page Season one Season two Major characters. He thought that there was an Ark of Truth device on Dakara, the first place settled by the Altera upon their arrival to the galaxy.

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