Annie, remember she was going to Karachi and the nearest airport to Muree is in Islamabad!!! Notify me of new comments via email. Loved this Tarang telefilm! Fawad looked so cheesy the forced batteesi smile during the song and unskilled as a dancer. Salman dumps her and walks away. So they decided that if they couldn’t live together, they would die together.

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Full marks to the stylists Maram and Aabroo for giving Fawad a very different look — loved the ode to Waheed Murad, with the longer hair and lock across the forehead. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

I felt the story was really weak. Fawad looked so cheesy the forced batteesi smile tarang housefull telefilm armaan the song and unskilled as a dancer. But the second half was like i said very weak. The main dancers at many points were completely out housefulll sync n some steps were nt as graceful as I wud ve liked them to b… It was kinda clumsy I think. Armaan also arrives only to find out that the school’s principal is also the relative.

Annie, remember she was going to Karachi and the nearest airport to Muree is in Islamabad!!! Tarang housefull telefilm armaan using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As far as the mass-appeal of the tarang housefull telefilm armaan goes, we need to look no further than Fawad Khan. Amma looked stunningand songs were done tastefully. Salman dumps her and walks away. Armaan overhears the conversation and leaves to find Zarnaab.


Ummm I think she was intending to go to karachi, but she stopped off to remininsce and then changedto plan b- jump off the cliff and commit suicide as she realized she couldnt get over armaan can you blame her??? Yes why was Aamina still roaming the streets of Muree when she had left the night before or morning of the wedding.

When she tells her mother about her relationship with Salman, her mother refuses armmaan accept the couple. Especially consdiering how big of a disappointment Zindagi Gulzar Hai has been lately and how every drama we watch is shown by the female leads perspective, the males mostly being sidelined. Good luck with your exams, IA you will pass with flying colors! The following morning, Armaan’s grandfather and also his only guardian informs Huosefull about his late father’s letter asking Armaan to marry his relative’s daughter in Murree.

Tarang Housefull ~ Armaan Telefilm Review – Desi Rants N Raves

P ,the way tarang housefull telefilm armaan carried the romance. The only other time she really connected was when she was walking away from her stepmom, crying, after she agreed to convince Zartaab to marry Armaan.

Dn i just broke into laughing when i heard danny mumbling that tarang song: Absolutely loved the credits at the beginning with the piano playing and the papers turning! I found the rest of her housedull very flat, even the final scene when he stops her at the edge of the cliff.


I know ,at times it must have been a daunting task to reviews episode after episode with same enthusiasm. Very creative and nicely done! Hope to see more of him. First of all i want to say. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I was looking forward to DMDT but unfortunately that was not too great, Armaan tarang housefull telefilm armaan armmaan good throughout. S Fawad Khan has been styled to perfection MA housecull these two very talented ladies.

I liked the cinematography, I enjoyed the outdoor locations, though Fawad did look like he was freezing in most of the outdoor scenes. Armaan strolls off to explore Murree and looks for Zarnaab.

Armaan (Tarang Housefull Telefilm) – Watch Online

And I am not one to gush! Growing up it was mostly bollywood and quite frankly in the last 15 years I could count the total on one hand. Meanwhile, Danny finds out about Zarnaab.

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