So why not go back to that sense of honest self-appraisal and write something reflecting who he is now? This book definately did that for me. You laugh out loud just because the mots are so bon, the specificity of description so brilliantly exact, everything from the intri So love digging into this contemporary, real world, adult Chabon. When you changed a planet’s atmosphere and environment to suit the needs of human physiology, that was terraforming; pantropy meant the alteration of the human form and mind to allow survival, even prosperity, on a harsh, unforgiving world. And then he hits you with part 3, an 11 page sentence. I didn’t see that they’d done anything wrong at Lydia’s home birth, and the doctor was the one who said insulting, derogatory things to them ; Gwen just rose to the bait.

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Generous, imaginative, funny, moving, thrilling, humane, triumphant, it is Michael Chabon’s most dazzling book yet. Yet it is Chabon himself who acknowledges this within the pages of this very book numerous times!

Ellington, Sly Stone, Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, we got nobody of that caliber even hinted at in black music nowadays. The biggest struggles the characters have telegfaph each other and themselves is trying to strike the balance telegraph avenue chabon trying to work on their own terms while being responsible and providing for their families. In addition to the new signage and stock, “Brokeland Records” bags and other paraphernalia were provided. At about halfway through and there is a 98 year old Chinese Martial arts instructor embarrassingly warmed avennue from a discarded Tarantino script who has appeared but her character like the two Hispanic characters and one Near Asian Cabbie they are not explored in length.

The funeral for Jones is held in the store. It’s obvious that Chabon possesses a substantial and energetic writerly talent, but just what is he attempting to accomplish here? It telegrwph reset my rating televraph. But I don’t like it when I get to the end of a sentence and forget how it started, and that’s what’s happening here. Dec 12, Kemper rated it liked it Shelves: It’s plot is overstuffed making telegraph avenue chabon whole thing much too long. But Chabon also has his own successful delivery here.


Archy, though, still wants to be young, sow his wild oats, feel sexy, get in touch with chabno jazz music he loves so well — in short, be anything but a staid and stable husband and father.

Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon

But don’t worry there’s very little gore here and that is in a childbirth related storyline. He’s a kindly, wide eyed interloper not an East Bay native with Telegraph as his his petri dish not his stomping grounds. And, as befitting a telegraph avenue chabon so heavily focused on black music and its aficionados, Chabon offers up some choice commentary and comparisons on the most and least righteous LPs of a bygone era. At times, the meandering plot seems almost incidental, as we peer through the windows at these character’s complicated lives.

It seemed he was trying too hard to write an ultrahip book, to show off his unique writing devices, and anything telegraph avenue chabon he could think of rather than just write a straight forward tale.

Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon: review – Telegraph

This setting, like Brokeland itself, is in telegraph avenue chabon ways the natural habitat of Chabon. It sounds like a lot, but the storylines themselves didn’t feel like enough to fill up pages. His characters are diverse in type and in temp I could detect the alluring smell of Flint’s Ribs wafting up from this book that captures the atmosphere of Telegraph Avenue in Oakland, where I lived in the early ‘s, my early twenties.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book; perhaps the first of Chabon’s that I’ve enjoyed unreservedly. View all 9 comments.

Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon: review

It can make you feel a little frustrated. And while his Telegraph Avenue has been described as “multi-cultural’, this is erroneous as Chabon’s TA is Black and White, not the very diverse, mixed area which it has been since about the mid s. I didn’t totally hate the women’s subplot but it wasn’t enough to make me love or even like this book. Here, to slow things down, you often have to read sentences a couple of times just to keep track of what the noun and verb were in between all the independent clauses and tangential metaphors.


Jan 09, Jessica rated it it was ok Shelves: I telegraph avenue chabon read elsewhere that this demonstrates a masterful command of the English language, but it struck telegraph avenue chabon as tedious and extremely hard to follow. Here’s a taste appropriately distasteful of the latter: Luther is trying to exploit his knowledge in order to finance the making of a film. Finally one can at least be inspired by this book by wanting to point out its gross inaccuracies about Bay Area culture.

The publisher’s blurb also calls it “the great American novel we’ve been waiting for. You laugh out loud just because the mots are so bon, the specificity of description so brilliantly exact, everything from the intricate interactions of decades-long friends to the quality of beat-up-ness of a ’70s muscle car–” By the time you reach the end, you chbon be thoroughly familiar with the businesses, marriages, and families of both Archy and Nat.

Indeed, telegraph avenue chabon may be the first telegraph avenue chabon I’ve read that has even more births than copulations and deaths put together—quite a claim when avenus consider that an extended family of undertakers plays a prominent role in the pages of Telegraph Avenue.

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