You have complete control over font size, position, rotation, character and line spacing, and transparency. Photography Aug 4, All adjustments use interactive slider controls that give you direct control and stay out of your way. Typography controls have been enhanced with the addition of rotation, as well as character and line spacing. If this is possible with this app I hope to figure it out, then it would be 5 star rating. TitleFx allows your pictures to tell a story by adding broadcast quality titles.

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Nice by Titlefx Kassab Very useful. Great fonts, stylization, ease of use, colors, and the resulting type is high resolution I love this app titlefx lot. Choose from painting presets or design your own. Titlefx when I do, I prefer TitleFx I want to post day’s winners with names, etc. Title Master – Animated text and graphics on video.

Simple and easy to use! Easy to size font, blend colors and create compelling show posters or anything else that requires image and text. I could do that with any free app total waste of money I want a refund.

TitleFx for iPad: Another Great Photo Effects App

Enhance your photos and create collages with photo filters and fun special effects. Titlefx the entire bundle it’s “super sick with it! Kudos to the developers on this one. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Titlefx good does a text app have to be to make you forget about using Photoshop! I’m limited with short text either top, bottom tiitlefx side only.


All the rest are awful. So easy to use!

TitleFx – Write on Pictures, add Text Captions to Photos by East Coast Pixels, Inc.

Take your photos to the next level with unique vintage, psychedelic, and color pop themes! You can now send a photo from the photo album to the ECP titlefx for future editing. Made several safety posters for titlefx distribution and they all were well received. Other than titlefx, I must say that this is the best app for the type of photo editing that I do. PhotoToaster can do everything from complete one click looks to advanced brush on lighting adjustments and noise reduction.

You can also pick from fun symbols!

TitleFx – Write on Pictures, add Text Captions to Photos

Great app for anyone who just loves photography not just editing etc but the actual bare titlefx of photography in general; from taking a picture all the way too being able to create a thousand word picture that will titlefx something to you and everyone who appreciates your creativity. Best iPad Apps of iPad Insight. We’ve also doubled the maximum size of the recent list.


Impressed with ability to batch sign work with your personal designed default. Easy to titlefx interface and works flawlessly!

Add Movie Maker Text Effects, Movie Maker Title Animations | Pixelan

If you think taking photos is fun, wait until you see how fun titlefx editing can be. Easy to love by Shaka!! This app is worth the purchase, but it’s not my GoTo app by far because of the fonts.

There are tirlefx tasteful titlefx backgrounds. Related Categories See All. With brilliant text effects and happy titlefx, this is a must-have for anyone ritlefx loves to add titles to their photos. We hope you enjoy the new release!

Use Category Presets to build up custom looks or dive into the sliders to quickly and precisely set any setting.

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