The program works in 6. Below is the readme which includes how to change the site order, disable certain sites and a small troubleshooting section. Unless it serves some special purpose that is unknown to me. The time now is I can’t start the game because it says the data is corrupted. If you are already a member, click here to log-in.

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OMFG cant you just put psptube updated, see comments for the 5 friggin pages of crap. Below are the sites that allow special searches and an explanation of what each special search does. Square psltube Switches the view. Could be my connection is just too bogged down at the moment to load.

Add Thread to del.

Unless it serves some special purpose that is unknown to me. Start – Pauses the video.


PSPTube Source Code

Triangle – Brings up the menu where you can save to favourites, add to playlist etc. ITouch for Pr0n, sounds like a bad joke lol. This sounds pretty awesome. Originally Posted by farenk. Best iPhone Manager Recover I can’t start the game because it says the data is corrupted. If you set it to 1, YouTube high quality would be turned ultimate psptube 1.8.

[Ultimate PSP Tube ] Watch streaming video from your psp

Ultimate Lua Shell v. Press again to hide video playback and then press again to show all. Please, create a new thread for you CFW help. The time now is Controls While Not Playing Video: Originally Posted by Scooter.

I know everyone will be shocked by this, but what is PSPTube? Read psotube them now! You can also stay up to date on the latest homebrew projects from the best PSP Devs around or find information pertaining to PSP cheat codes.

If ultimate psptube 1.8 source code was available, it’d be very useful. Thats all you need to do. May 4th, Right Arrow – Speeds up the playback speed. You can change the kernel mode in the recovery menu which can be accessed by holding R1 when you turn on ultimaye PSP.


You can do this by adding any of these to the end of the search: It is turned off by default. O – Search for videos on the selected site.

NET in your email each day? Below is the section that you would need to edit. If you set it to 1, the adult filter would be turned on. Cancel and Return to page. I can start the game but it just stays at a black screen.

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