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Ventus also has access to two unique Shotlocks, as well as a third just for storyline purposes. There, he encounters Vanitas again, who taunts Ven into remembering how Master Xehanort broke their heart in twain. Ads keep the KHWiki independent and free: Ven visits a number of worlds and builds new friendships along the way. Retrieved from ” https: Later, both Terra and Aqua join him.

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Xigbar sees Xion an imperfect replica of Roxas as Ventus. For unknown reasons, Ventus’s heart remained within Sora’s body, causing Roxas to take on Ventus’s appearance instead of Sora’s.

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Skuld and Ephemer assure Ventus that they consider him a friend. Meeting up with Aqua again, Ven asks to come along, but Aqua orders him to return to the Land of Departure in a somewhat harsh manner.

Ventus’s Keyblades are primarily balanced in terms of attack and magic power. Her suspicions are confirmed when Terra’s hair goes from brown to white, revealing himself to be Terra-Xehanort.

Then, when asked about Terra’s location, he tells Ven to look in the Outer Gardens. Mentioning that, even if they overwrite the Keyblade War, nothing would change, Brain resolves to become a virus to overwrite that destiny, then leaving to enter the control room. Ven, however, refuses and chooses to defeat Vanitas kingodm destroy the weapon, even if it means the destruction of his own heart, because of his devotion to his friends.


While in Enchanted DominionVen gets another clue regarding Heqrts. Aqua manages to catch him before he hits the ground.

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Brain reveals that he has a goal, and that at present, they are still following a destructive destiny, one which he intends to overwrite. When touching the piece of armor on his shoulder, Ventus becomes fully clad in armor. It doesn’t take long for Ven to find companions, as he quickly meets Zack and Hercules in Olympus Coliseum. Lauriam does not attend, with Brain explaining that, whatever the agenda is, Lauriam asked to side with Ephemer.

Xehanort decided that Ventus could still be of use in his master plan, but with Ventus still too weak in comparison to Vanitas, the two boys could not be trained under him since Vanitas had a naturally strong impulse to destroy Ventus. The two introduce themselves to one another, and Mickey tells Ven about how the Star Shard allows him to travel to different worlds.

Terra-Xehanort tells them that they will lose this fight, that all their hearts will be torn apart one by one. Tornado creates a powerful gust of wind that absorbs enemies, while Faith creates a powerful burst of light around Ventus.

Ven’s primary battle style consists of very fast, wide backhanded strikes with his Keyblade in quick succession to deal damage. To prevent this, Xehanort brought Ventus to Land of Departure, where he could train as an apprentice to Master Eraqus. Ven encounters Vanitas again after leaving Enchanted Dominion, and he follows him straight to the Keyblade Graveyard.


Using his wind affinity, Ventus can use Tornado Strike to sweep his opponents away. His search is interrupted again, when he spots Ienzo being attacked by the Unversed. Ven becomes very defensive, telling Vanitas that he doesn’t know the first thing about Terra.

Goofy added that Ventus’s heart was lost after his fight with Vanitas years ago. Vanitas knocks out Aqua as he drops down from a cliff. King Mickey arrives in time to save Ven and assists him in his battle against Vanitas.

Upon closer inspection, Ventus disappears. The two freely usable Shotlocks are Pulse Bomb and Multivortex. With Hook out of the way, he also retrieves the Star Shard from Tinker Bell after a little persuasion from Peter, only to be whisked away to the Mysterious Tower. Determined to save Mickey, Ven departs from the Tower and returns to the Keyblade Graveyard to find him. Unfortunately, this also damages Ventus’s heart and causes it to flee his body, leaving him in a comatose state.

The charms, also known as Wayfinders, were gifted with desktopp powerful magic that formed an “unbreakable connection”. Aqua quickly realizes his heart has not returned yet.

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