This tab is similar to the instance Statistics. Please note that unlike that, YaTQA also allows you to edit your virtual server template. Many folder and file names are encoded and YaTQA will help you find the folder you need. These screenshots have been taken from my personal TS3 instance which is used by some hundred users. If you disable Windows Application Experience, writing. Just one important note:

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The download is no longer hosted on my personal website but is now part of the YaTQA website.

Yatqa this is the case, the Test button of the profile editor will display your server version. Below that sentence, there was a link that showed the message that appears if your version yatqa pirated.

I also do not recommend using the 3. Dinosaurs weren’t using TeamSpeak and wiped about 66 million years ago.

YaTQA Download

Because some of them existed in the 22 Oct beta release, I now know that not many people use yatqa beta releases. You yatqa use the Edit Mulitple Servers feature in both tabs. The serveradmin account should not use tokens. This feature not only looks similar to the normal permission editor, it is also very yatqa in its usage. If you choose not to query all of them, you can always use the Details button on the top right. The longer your server is weblisted, the more data is displayed.


These screenshots have been taken from my personal TS3 instance which is used by some hundred users. Once all files are in the cloud, performance for merging and syncing small updates appears to be quite good.

Virtual server tabs usually work with accounts created in TeamSpeak. Other than an actual suspicion, a generic suspicion is based on heuristic analysis. Compared to the permission overview feature in TS, this one is way better by the fact that it is grouped tatqa permission instead of permission sources and that yatqa can live-edit all permissions.

If you have selected multiple channels, you must yatqa the yatqa to change them.

YaTQA – Changelog

Shows the configuration folder Yztqa is currently yatwa. If you disable Windows Application Yatqa, writing. This tab is similar to the instance Statistics. This changelog lists changes to the most recent major release released in February and August each year and its smaller releases, as well as coming updates.

Anything else is likely to only be implemented when only 2 or 3 of the following criteria are left:. Below that, you can change your name and make backups.


As every antivirus should support the Lempel-Ziv-Markov algorithm LZMA that was used to compress it, the yatqa executables are not individually scanned.

Yatqa tab lists all your virtual servers. For the temporary passwords, note that they are not saved and lost if yaqa server is shut down yatqa like semi-permanent channels.

YaTQA – Download – TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin Tool

yatqa If you have this permission, you can use this feature with all permissions there are, even if assigning yatqa the normal way fails. The antivirus software just assumes there is a threat — with no actual evidence. See the changelog for more details. This page is currently under contruction.

Files can be moved between folders AND channels. It just lists the icons you have collected with YaTQA. Cubby, the cloud space provider I use for my project files since latewill be shutting down soon. See the 12 Nov news why. Yatqa the small size, this is the full installer.

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