zappa guilty gear

A good airthrow which leads to guaranteed OTG Centipedes if you time it correctly. S bypasses this and lets you start a ghost combo before going into this chain. What’s up with the hearts? Swipe will also move the sword slightly forward, but is good for maintaining pressure if the sword is at its max range. Zappa’s general strategy is to get a summon, play based on that summon’s style, and gain orbs.

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It will tack on damage pretty quickly. IsukaGuilty Gear XX: Triplets begin returning on 18F. Same animation as 2S in the air, more for space control and hitting people jumping up to intercept you since it’s not an overhead.

It has the quickest startup of all of Zappa’s sword normals, but is probably one of the least used due to the nature of the sword itself. On hit, it pushes the dog back slightly, and doesn’t combo into itself if you use 5D again as a followup. The dog is an overall great summon, but is difficult to use due to its execution requirements and understanding of it.

On hit, however, this move will knock down ghilty net you three orbs.

Useful against some characters as a punish starter, usually midscreen. Zappa searches for Faust to relieve him of his terrible affliction. This is extremely useful if the opponent is applying pressure but guipty still haunted, as items will spawn even if Zappa is blocking. Each hit deals double and a half chip damage, draining opponents’ health and cranking their guard bar to flashing if they don’t FD, and eating more than half their tension bar if gead do.


WHERE THE HELL IS ZAPPA (caps) – Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Message Board for PlayStation 3 – GameFAQs

You’ll recover with enough time to airdash if done out of a super jump, so consider that, too. If the opponent is airborne in your combos, 2H will generally chase them up high enough to score another Swipe for more damage. Definitely a good low option.

Otherwise, the two moves will not combo. Better for frame traps, and mostly sees use in c.


S, and 2S against gyilty, and 5K, 6P, c. However, note that using 2H temporarily disables the ghost you use for longer than simply launching them, since you did just blow it up. Kazuyoshitsuna ; Fighting game mains: Shoots a ghost at an upwards arc. Ground bounces opponent and fully untechable on CH. It is incredibly unsafe and will lose to most 6Ps, so be wary, and be ready to FRC when you hit the ground. Loses the ability to combo to H and D, and is more suited for poking and harrassment than combo tools after a single use.

Knocks down opponent on hit untechable for 60F. It’s a bit slow and is probably naked Zappa’s best jump in whne properly timed, but Zappa is always better suited to summoning as soon as possible and safely. The hit itself will follow the sword, meaning that if you use this move while the sword is away from Zappa, the hitbox will move from the sword towards Zappa, but will only be active for a short period of time.


It does a moderate amount of damage and can be used for some silly combos, but mainly sees use as returning the sword to Zappa while airborne. Zappa is just a typical Joe who sadly happens to be possessed by evil spirits. Due to this, you should try to FRC it to make it safe.

However, using this as a wakeup option, while guuilty reliable than hoping for normal Centipedes, will only work if the opponent has committed to a lengthy oki option. Has worse horizontal reach than j. On hit, Zappa will gain a single orb, and a summon based on the timer and your number of orbs. Also great for baiting bursts. It has the same hitstun and blockstun as S normals, but generally launches the ghost out a bit farther from Zappa, making it better for combos where Zappa’s been pushed away.

S as an emergency AA if zapppa time it.

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